We’d love to become part of your family and to make you part of ours!

Becoming a part of Brookland is simple and straightforward. We make sure the process is actually gratifying for us all, giving you a chance to better know us and for us to start getting closer to you and your child. Enrolling a new family is one of the best parts of being at Brookland, and we never grow tired of it!

Our doors are always open to parents who would like to explore Brookland for themselves. After that, we’re sure you’ll be excited about the new world of fun, love and learning awaiting your little one here.

And though it may sound strange to say, you’ll even be excited about our tuition. It’s small enough to make our superb school a possibility for almost everyone; but not so small that you’ll wonder where we are cutting corners.

From the moment Brookland was founded, we determined our school would be a school of distinction, a place with stellar standards. Brookland is a place where children with their crooked hair bows, big smiles and their breathless stories can’t wait to come each day.

We can’t wait to say, "Welcome to Brookland!”

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